Webgem Bundles

 Web Design Plans

Our plans are designed to fit any online business including eCommerce. First step you will want to take is to get a website. A website serves as an online store information center. Take advantage of our offer check out our web design plans.

Why choose a website bundle?

You may have noticed that paper directories and even advertisement pages in newspapers are getting smaller. The reason for this is that many people are now using the internet to find what they are looking for and digital marketing can be more targeted. There are many aspects to web design and the aesthetics although important will only help to successfully showcase your venture if you combine them with good content, search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Having a great product and word of mouth is not enough in the modern era to make you successful on their own. When starting up advertising via television and radio is not as successful as it once was because of many reasons.

Prerecorded television

Not everyone watches television live and instead will skip the commercials to get back to their program. This has become easier now that boxes can pre-record programs. A flashy ad is not always enough to draw people in and those that haven’t prerecorded will use the advertisements as their time to get refreshments or use the facilities. By the time they return they most, if not all of the advertisements will have been and gone.

Digital marketing is done through Search Engine Optimization, targeted social media advertising and through others sharing your advertisements with friends and family. Because the majority of the people will be looking for your service/product or be interested in what their friends on social media are talking about you have more chance of getting noticed.

Save money on bundles

Using separate service providers for web design, search engine optimization and digital marketing is possible however there are numerous disadvantages. Just like many items you purchase on and offline, the more you buy from one company, the more you will save. Any saving on your online venture is money that can be spent on other areas of your business.

When you buy as part of a bundle WebGem Digital Media already has discounts with specific marketing platforms allowing you to get more for your money. They will already have the software necessary to make your website look great, navigate well and the content will not only be search engine optimized but will also read well and be relevant to the service/product you are selling.

A company that provides bundles finds it easier to spread the cost over many customers rather than just one. Think of when you purchase in bulk and how much of a discount you can receive. The company may offer single services too, but they will be at a higher cost as a single purchase because each website has different needs throughout. From beginning to end the specialists will already know what they need to create a great website and get a constant flow of relevant traffic.

Employing a digital marketer to work solely on your campaign can work out extremely expensive, in fact the average wage is around $47’000! For most people starting out this is a big expense. Employ someone to work on your web page and then someone to create and optimize content and the final expenditure could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Because the WebGem Digital Media team will be dealing with your online venture from start to finish there is less chance of their being inconsistencies. Dealing with your website creation, content and advertising in one place means that the finished product will show more consistency and any errors in information given can be dealt with in one place rather than having to contact different service providers to put it right. There are so many areas of digital marketing that to do it correctly any provider will have to know your website inside out to create the most relevant content. Because the website will have been created by the bundle provider this will save them having to get to know the site so they can get straight to getting it optimized and marketed to bring you visitors and ultimately custom sooner.

Maintaining all areas

Specializing in all areas and keeping any updates you need to one company makes it easier. If you have an ongoing campaign or need work on content using different providers can mean that the site needs to be under maintenance for a longer period of time than it all being dealt with in one place. Downtime for a site can be extremely damaging, especially when there is competition out there ready to cater for potential customer’s needs. People are happy to check back once, maybe twice but having to keep going down for different specialists to update can bring your ratings down.


A website bundle provider like WebGem Digital Media can show you bundles that will have left a digital trail of customers and online feedback and examples of their work. There will be a lot more examples of previous work with a company allowing you to check on the progress of the websites before committing. Finding reviews for WebGem Digital Media is easier than trying to find out the reputation of numerous individuals that you are entrusting with your ideas, business and ultimately your money.

It is more likely to find individuals that use methods that can get your advertising campaign taken off social media sites and search engines such as the over use of keywords. With more than one person working for WebGem Digital Media you will have the expertise and qualifications of professionals that will be able to use their previous experience to make your business as successful as it can be. They will have the time to keep on top of the latest trends to help your venture take off and keep it successful with the latest techniques.