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Your Website should attract and engage the user, as well as communicate your brand.

A Websites first impression can define a brand in the first few seconds  

In the ever expanding digital driven world, first impressions are vital and an attractive web design is a no brainier to success. Visitors love sites that are appealing and easy to use.


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A good website has the potential for reaching a wider audience. The internet is used by literally millions of people, all of them are looking for something and some of them might be looking for you!

We will focus on creating the best website content for you, all based on the right branding to fit your model. Once we receive the info based on the website content you want, the website will be in motion. You are free to chime and let us know if you need any amendments. Only when these steps are complete we will move onward and publish your website.

The rapid rise of WordPress and its flexible user friendly environment make it a good choice for SEO. Search engines such as Google and Bing love these platforms. Whether your site is a blog an online business for marketing your brand or an eCommerce site the possibilities are endless. This is why we chose to specialize in WordPress for web development

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More and more businesses and individuals are using the internet to showcase their skills, products and services. For this reason having a good website is an extremely important part of battling competition. Visitors will often look for a website that is well laid out, pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate and most of all easy to read with content that makes sense. Just having good web design including content as your selling and advertising point can make a big difference to your sales and valid website visits.


When you have a website designed professionally the experts will use their skills and knowledge to showcase your brand in a way they know will bring in custom. Having a brand name, logo and even tone will make you recognizable across different profiles keeping the advertising campaign coherent and consistent. This is preferable to those that have very different campaigns selling the same service or product.

Visitors that actually stick around

There are many ways to get website visitors, but to increase sales you have to attract people that are going to stay. To do this you have to have a website that is engaging, looks professional and keeps them wanting to find out more. There are lots of sites out there that don’t look professional and as most people now make a purchase using their card, this can be extremely off-putting especially with the amount of people out there creating cheap sites that are put together unprofessionally to rip people off.

Increase sales

A web design professional team will be able to add ‘calls for action’ to the site that doesn’t look to gimmicky. They will know exactly where to place them and make it obvious to the customers how to take the next step to make their purchase. Not everyone is web savvy enough to make their way around a complex site, so making it clear is extremely important.

Stand out from the crowd

In the past there would only be one or a handful of people offering a specific service or product. Nowadays, especially as people are able to shop online there is more choice to customers. This means you have to make your presence known. This can be done by making your website attractive without causing offence and giving you the chance to showcase your company. Attracting customers is not all about having flashy graphics, but to offer them something that other companies have not and making special offers clear!

The effect of structure and content

The content of your website is not usually the first thing people will see. They will first notice the professionalism and ease to navigate. If a visitor finds it difficult to find out more about what they are looking for, they will find a competing site that makes it clearer. Web designers know how to work with your content to make it easier for customers. This includes font, spacing and even color.

You may be an expert on your business, but creating a website is unlikely to be your niche which is why it is best left to the experts. Turning your ideas into a working website is not something that you can just pick up in a few days to create a good site people want to visit. It could also save you money later down the line by getting a professional in first rather than starting off with a homemade website that leaves you with stock you can’t sell.

Design techniques

Responsive web design
This type of web design involves creating the website so that it can be used on numerous devices. A website that has only been created for the use on a desktop is difficult to use, if it functions at all on mobile devices. Recent studies have shown that 50% of internet sales come from mobile device orders. This shows how much businesses could be losing out on by not taking advantage of responsive web design.

Design consistency
To make it easier and engage customer’s designers will aim to keep your website pages consistent. This allows the site to flow better and stops visitors feeling lost, which can happen on sites where the design varies significantly. Even if different products are sold under different pages, it’s important to clearly show that people have not left your site by keeping to the same color scheme, fonts and design.

Don’t use stock photos

Customers like to see what they are purchasing in a realistic way and will give negative feedback if the item is not just shown in its best light, but is portrayed to be better quality than it is. In the modern world a picture of the box of an item or model wearing clothing or accessories does not portray it in a light that is realistic. This is off-putting and could lead to feedback that damages the reputation of your company. Let people know what they are getting and they will respect you for it.

Make images responsive

Screen resolutions can differ from device to device, as well as opimising the site itself its important to do the same with images for the best viewer experience. Making the images switch to a lower resolution on a mobile device will mean it will load faster, making it higher on a desktop with a bigger screen will allow customers to see it in its entirety showing grooves, prints and material.

Using easy navigation

The ability to navigate your website is extremely important to visitors allowing them to find the information they want quickly. No one wants to spend hours looking for a specific item or service when another site will allow them to find what they are looking for in seconds. Making the navigation easy to follow is the best way to achieve this and by keeping it simple it can be achieved. Extra navigation can be placed at the foot of every page making it easy for customers to go to their chosen destination without having to keep returning to the home page. A search bar is a great way for people to find a specific number by description or order number. If you use links within the site, make it clear where they will take the visitor rather than just hyperlinking non relevant words.

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