Website Maintenance

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Website Maintenance

A good Websites is crucial to your online presence, you might not have the skills or knowledge to take care of basic tasks or even the more complete tasks like coding and upgrading plugins or scripts, at Webgem we can do this for you.A website is like any other equipment running in everyday life. Lets use your car for example it will not run smoothly for an extended period of time without servicing it. Website are no different technology is forever evolving even as we speak, to stay up to date you may need your site looked at to get optimum performance.

Personal website

If you have a personal website that doesn't need servicing, this will only be a good option if your not expecting visitor to have a interesting experience, for example if your running a website with 1 or 2 pages just for the sake of a blog and don't really expect positive google results.

Business website

Any website used for business purposes will need occasional maintenance at the least. Experienced web user will know this everyone is trying to get ahead inn the online jungle it doesn't always have to be that difficult to run a professional online business as we look after all the technical stuff for you. Webgem have years of experience in this filed. Me for one have struggled for years in my early days trying to understand the difference between a good site and a professional site, simply put all the work is done under the hood in tech terms its the back-end stuff. All well run online business have ongoing maintenance and service checks even though some may choose to have more maintenance than others webgem can help with all jobs big and small.

What we can do for your website

From building your site to maintaining or serving your site these are just some of the extended services we offer.  At Webgem we treat all customers equally from the smallest one page blog to Large commerce/company sites you no your in good hands. here are some of the things we can do.


Regular services



Repair errors

Help improve performance      


loading errors

Upload content 

Provide professional content writers

Hosting support

dedicated hosting

Backs ups

Site migrations

WordPress support 

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